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Primal Success Stories

Danielle H.

I have been training at Primal Fitness Centers with Justin Blankenship for about a year and a half now. His workouts are challenging and will leave you exhausted. In addition, they are never monotonous, every training session brings a new set of exercises so you will never get bored, unlike some other gyms which repeat the same routines.

Taylor H.

This gym is great. Its very clean, and the equipment is well taken care of. Defenitly worth your money for the quality of training that you get here. Also Justin makes you feel muscles you never knew you had.

Keolah P.

Fitness classes, one on one personal training, and an awesome environment to get in great shape.  The new owner Justin is a beast with a vast amount of health and fitness knowledge.  After one year of training with him I felt brave enough to do an amateur MMA fight.

Jay J.

I have only been training with Stephanie here for 10 months. But that's so much longer than i would do on my own. Her physique can be intimidating to anyone. She is the epitome of all that we want to train to be. I think it gives her more clout. I find it hard to take a trainer seriously if they dont even look the part. 

Emily H.

I have been training at Primal for over two years now, and I don't plan on going anywhere else! Not only is the environment fun, encouraging and supportive, but it is also a great place to push yourself to become better and healthier

Jerome W.

The gym itself is very cool inside. It's a multi-faceted gym that has everything imaginable. Free weights, high bars, treadmills, turf, punching bags, and even a small running track outside. I think what definitely sets this gym apart from the other private training gyms are definitely the trainers. I've been to many gyms and to be honest, Primal Fitness' trainers genuinely look like they practice what they preach (which basically means they are all excellent human specimens), which also means I have great eye candy to look at while my trainer tries to tell me what to do. All jokes aside, I really love this gym 

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